Please no more Lebron

I grew up on Sportscenter. Everyday before I would go wait for the bus, I had to get up early to watch at least a half an hour of sports highlights. If didn’t matter what sport or team was being highlighted I just enjoyed seeing what had happened in the world of sports. As I have become an adult I don’t have as much time in the morning to commit to sports highlights, I am lucky to catch a few minutes of Golic and Wingo before  heading to work.  But last night I got home after a long night of work and figured I would try and catch up on what had happened in college basketball or scores around the NBA, shoot even see how my local Blues had played.  I turned on ESPN and found out the harsh realty, the Sportscenter I had grown up on was no more.  Now we have the 24 hour Lebron James show.

For 25 minutes I watched stories about Lebron James.  It started with the highlights of the Cavaliers beating the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Then it went to a panel talking about how Lebron James is better with his new teammates, next it was Brian Windhorst telling us why Lebron is better with his new teammates, then it was statistics of Lebron James with his new teammates, finally I though it was over.  Sadly I was mistaken, Lebron was now giving his post game interview talking about him and his new teammates.

On this night the Nashville Predators made a historic comeback in the 3rd period vs the Blues, the #1 college basketball team in the country played an in conference rival, Missouri and Texas A&M played a game that came down to the last second, Kansas and Texas Tech were battling for Big12 supremacy, of course pitchers and catchers reported for spring training.   After 25 minutes of not being able to see anything about these events I was forced to go on line to find out the results of these contests.

It is not Lebron James’s fault that we live in a world that is caught up in superstars, but  the continued struggles of the once great titan of the sports industry has to be due to the content that the provide.  Lebron James should be celebrated but please do it within reason.  Understand that there is more to sports then just him.

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