Birds on the Chat Podcast: Episode 3

Birds on the Chat Podcast: Episode 2

March 12 2018: James Caldwell and Matt Boeding breakdown the Tournament. Also a brief chat about MLB free agency.  Good luck with your bracket!

March 6 2018 Podcast: ACC Tournament Breakdown, State of St. Louis Sports. Loser of the week: Dan Dakich

Feb. 23 2018 Podcast

Feb. 20 2018 Podcast


Feb. 7  2018 Podcast


February 1 2018: James Caldwell gives his top five NCAA Basketball teams right now, Special segment called: Get to know a Cubs fan, also the LOSER of the week: Doc Rivers

January 22, 2018:  NFC/AFC Championship breakdown,  State of the NCAA Basketball and my thoughts on the Cardinals trade of Randall Grichuck and Why John Calipari is a Loser!

December 19 2017: James Caldwell discusses Top 5 QB teases, Chicago Bulls team of the future and MLB free agency.

December 12 2017:  James Caldwell talks Cardinals getting Ozuna, Why Giancarlo Stanton will fail, embarrassing moments in the NFL weekend and a brief Duke update.

Nov. 29 2017: James Caldwell and Andrew Rodgers of “The Go Around” Podcast discuss fringe College Football Playoff teams, NFL playoff teams and much more.


November 19 2017: James Caldwell and Matt Boeding discuss Baker Mayfield, College Football Playoff, College Basketball and St Louis sports icon Blaine Gabbert.


November 7 2017: James Caldwell, Matt Boeding and newcomer Tyler Leaver discuss St. Louis Cardinals offseason plans, new College Football Playoff rankings, and the State of the NFC.


November 2 2017: James Caldwell and Matt Boeding discuss first college football rankings and epidemic of firing good managers in MLB.


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