Weekly Picks December 29 2017


 It’s Bowl season and playoff football time.  Sports is at its peak over the next few weeks, let’s end the year the right way, we went 3-2 last week.  This week we are feeling good about winning you some money. Matt Boeding and I have increased our record to an impressive 25-20-2, we may not always be right, but we have been very right lately.

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Washington Redskins -3 at New York Giants , over/under 39.5

The Giants have become the “Jersey Shore” of the NFL.  Every time we think the drama can’t get better they find a way to prove us wrong.  Whether its coaching issues are inner team arguments this team is a joke and they would most likely prefer to lose this game to help get a higher draft pick.

Unlike the Giants the Redskins actually have a little to play for.  Sitting at 7-8 they are looking at a middle level draft pick no matter what.  Jay Gruden wants to end the season on a positive note and QB Kirk Cousins is somehow still playing for a contract. Cousins will come out throwing as the Giants continued drama has caused a loss of another defensive back.  Look for huge day from Cousins, I will be starting him in my Draft Kings lineups as well.

We see Redskins by at least 20….I wonder where these two teams starting QB’s will be playing at this time next year.

PicksRedskins -3

Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons -4, over/under 45

The Panthers head into Atlanta for a showdown with the Falcons, arguable the most important game during Week 17.  Falcons win they lock up a playoff spot, Carolina wins they have a chance of overtaking the Saints for the division title.

Atlanta missed a huge opportunity last week falling to the Saints.  Matt Ryan will have to live up to his nickname as the Falcons will need to play with confidence.  It will be up to Ryan to take control of this game as the Panthers pass defense has gotten shredded over the last few weeks allowing 282 yards per game over the last 3 games.

The Panthers roll into Atlanta locking up a playoff spot last week.  This is a team that historically plays better in December, they also are beginning to understand how they need to play to be successful.  Cam Newton has confidence, that is scary for the NFL.  The Panthers are also beginning to get healthier as Greg Olsen is beginning to return to form.

The pressure will prove to be to much Sunday for Matt Ryan.  Carolina will come out on fire. I think it will be close, with the Panthers getting 4 points I think they are a must play here.  I say they win outright.

PicksPanthers +4 

Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions -6.5, Over/Under 43

Last week I wrote that Mathew Stafford and the Lions would dominate a Bengals team that looked like they mailed it in for the rest of they year…that did not go the way I had planned.  The Lions head home this week to take on a Packers team that looks similar to the last weeks Bengals.  The Packers without Aaron Rodgers have been exposed as a team with sub par talent up and down the roster.

Packers backup Brett Hundley has not looked completely hopeless on the road, throwing for over 240 yards in his last two road games.  Hundley looked  good in his first matchup against the Lions early in the season throwing for 245 yards while adding a rushing touchdown.

The Detroit Lions have had a very Detroit Lions season.  They get their fanbase excited then let them down a week later.  Losing to the Bengals last week should have been the last straw for a fanbase that is so hungry for winning.  Mathew Stafford and Jim Caldwell need this win.  I think the Lions finally have a runningback break 100 yards this weekend and Stafford ends the season with a win by at least a touchdown.

Lions….there are at least 5 good runningbacks in the upcoming draft, get Stafford a decent back please….oh and a pass rush would also be nice.

PicksLions -3.5

James’s “Why Not” Pick of the Week. Record: 4-5: I hate Hornibrook but love the Badgers.

The Miami Hurricanes will be taking on the Wisconsin Badgers Saturday in the Orange Bowl.  The Hurricanes were everyones darlings this year and seem primed to dominate this game, Wisconsin is very similar to the Notre Dame team that Miami waxed in front of the entire world earlier this year.

Wisconsin is not Notre Dame, they will play a boring brand of football and control the clock.  Wisconsin will not give Miami the chance to bring out the turnover chain.  My “Why Not” pick of the week is:

PicksWisconsin -5

Good luck on your bets this week and remember if you aren’t down a paycheck you can still bet.

What I learned from Week 16.

Week 16 of the NFL Season is over and we are beginning to have a better look at what the playoffs are going to bring.  While their is tons of takeaways, three things stood out to me.

Todd Gurley is the MVP.

The NFL is no doubt a quarterback league. The chances of anyone but a QB winning MVP seems laughable at times, but its time to wake up.  We are in the age of the dynamic runningback.  Le’Veon Bell, Kareem Hunt, and David Johnson are just a few of the high caliber runningbacks that are beginning to take over the league, but the best is unquestionably Todd Gurley.

In just his 3rd season in the NFL Todd Gurley has positioned himself as the best in the game.  Sunday in Tennessee he put up numbers that you can barely achieve while playing Madden on rookie level.  The arguments against Gurley are legitimate, “Sean McVay is a brilliant offensive mind”, “Goff has made big strides to open up the running lanes”…bla, bla, bla.  Todd Gurley has been the difference in nearly every game this season and has been the driving force of this offense.  Why is it the quarterback that can open the lanes for the runningback and not the other way around.  Gurley will enter Week 17 with over 2,000 all purpose yards and 19 touchdowns.  He his who you have to game plan for, he is the the unstoppable force.  While we know most likely Tom Brady will take home another MVP, it is time to open our eyes to the talent that is Todd Gurley.

Just ask Jeff Fischer how good Gurley is and I am sure he will take credit for his great season and accept the MVP award for him.

The Eagles are screwed.

The Philadelphia Eagles are the #1 seed in the NFC playoffs, thats great. Nick Foles made his second start of the season last night for the injured Carson Wentz.  Eagles fans hoped to see the same Foles that torched the Giants defense for 4 TDs.  Sadly what they saw was the Nick Foles that I thought we would see.  While Foles has ability his lack of progression with the first team offense was very alarming. Every time the Eagles needed a play they got the Jeff Fischer St. Louis Foles and that is not a Foles that can win in the playoffs.

The Eagles Defense stepped up for the concerning offense but as the pressure and the Quarterback talent gets better I worry that this Eagles secondary cannot hold up.  Over the last two weeks we have seen and alarming amount of big plays down field.  Eventually the secondary will have to cover, if the Eagles can’t get a pass rush they are doomed.

The Eagles have the first seed, maybe they can get through one game but I see an early exit coming.  If they loose at home it could get ugly.

Jimmy G is awesome

Bill Belichick knows how good Jimmy Garoppolo is.  Now the entire world is starting to see how good he is. On Sunday the 49ers put up 44 points against arguably the best defense in football.  He has not only put up solid numbers but you can see the effect he has on a team that at one point in the season was 1-10.

Not only is Garoppolo talented but he has great management and coaching behind him.  The 49ers still have some work to do improving a very weak roster, but it’s pretty nice to know that they have the Quarterback of the future.  If John Lynch is as smart as I think he is he will not hesitate to throw all the money he can at Garoppolo.  A year from now a second round pick for this guy is going to be a pretty funny joke.


Weekly Picks Dec. 23 2017: Christmas Eve Football is Awesome

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good bet. Week 16 of the NFL season comes to us and we have tough decisions to make. This is a week of potential surprise as some teams are in the mood to play spoiler for potential playoff teams. Matt Boeding and I have increased our record to an impressive 22-18-2, we may not always be right, but we have been very right lately.

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Minnesota Vikings -9 at Green Bay Packers , over/under 40

The Minnesota Vikings head into Lambeau Field on Sunday still in play for the #1 overall see in the NFC, that means bad news for the the Packers. Brett Hundley has been inconsistent  over his seven starts, surprisingly his numbers have been much worse at home averaging 131 passing yards with zero touchdowns and five picks.  The last time Hundley faced the high powered Vikings defense taking over for the injured Aaron Rodgers he was intercepted three times to go along with being sacked four times. We forsee a tough day for the Hundley…his favorite target Davante Adams will miss this game as well.  No Adams, no Aaron Rodgers and no chance to make this game competitive.


The Packers will show heart early in this one as the home crowd will surely be in a frenzy…potential revenge will be on the mind of the Packers who have the Vikings to thank for ending their season when Anthony Barr landed on Aaron Rodgers in week six. Heart is great but talent will win out.  We see the Vikings winning by at least  two touchdowns. Take Vikings and the under.

PicksVikings -9 (Parlay with the under)

Los Angeles Chargers -6.5 at New York Jets, over/under 42.5

The Chargers did a very Chargers thing last Saturday, lost with everything on the line.  Los Angeles is not technically out of the playoffs at this point but they have to win on Sunday.  Luckily they get a chance to face the Bryce Petty lead Jets.

The Jets spent an early part of the season as a great story, potentially a surprise playoff team.  Tough losses and a few injuries derailed the promising start and now they are just playing to see what draft pick they are going to get.  The Jets have a knack for for winning this game and covering as they are 7-1 ATS in their last 8 games.

If the Chargers have any pride in themselves they will take care of business in New York.  Phillip Rivers loves to make things interesting this time of year so you know they will pull this one out, we think they will win easily, at 6.5 all it takes is a touchdown victory.

PicksChargers -6.5

Detroit Lions -3.5 at Cincinati Bengals, Over/Under 44.5

This one is as simple as it gets.  The Bengals have already given up on the season and are looking for ways to ruin Marvin Lewis’s final run.  The Bengals have nothing to play for and a long list of injuries.  The Lions are still a potential playoff team with every advantage.  Matt Stafford don’t screw this up… this should be easy money.

PicksLions -3.5

James’s “Why Not” Pick of the Week. Record: 4-4: Miz vs Ill, people actually care about this one.

For my “Why Not” pick of the week I have decided to dip into the NCAA basketball field for the first time this year.  Today we will have the Bragging Rights game between the Mizzou Tigers and the Illinois Fighting Illini is taking place at Scottrade Center. What was once a heated rivalry has become lackluster over the past few seasons as both teams have been pretty much awful. The signing of Michael Porter immediately brought some interest in this game. Even though he is out this should be  a fun one to watch.  I think Mizzou has much more talent and should pull this one out.

Why Not pick of the week: Mizzou -5

Good luck on your bets this week and remember if you aren’t down a paycheck you can still bet.

Weekly Picks: Dec 15 2017 Packers are making the playoffs.

For all that follow our weekly picks we submit our apology for a 0-4 record last week.  But as a week goes by, our confidence rises.  While you get set for bowl games, we get set for an awesome slate of NFL games.  After last weeks disappointment our record moves to 21-16-1.  This week we get back on track.

 *all spread from sportsbook.com


Alanta Falcons -6 at Tampa Bay Bucs , over/under 49

Games between division rivals can be tough to predict at times.  This one is the opposite. The Atlanta Falcons are flying high after a huge Thursday night victory over the Saints.  They also have what can be considered a mini buy as their upcoming matchup with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will take place on Monday Night.

Tampa Bay will be playing for pride, they enter this game as one of the most disappointing teams in all of football.  The Bucs have be average to below average offensively this season and have been prone to the big play….the potential loss of team leader and best play Gerald McCoy is not going to help.  He is currently listed as questionable, if McCoy is out Matt Ryan with flourish.

The Falcons statistically have every advantage in this game.  The Bucs only chance is they are playing at home.  The Falcons handled the Bucs in the first matchup and should do so again in this one.  We see a win by multiple touchdowns

PicksFalcons -6

Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills -3, over/under 39

Who’s ready to jump on the Smokin Jay bandwagon to the playoffs!? No one…the answer to that question is no one.  The answer to that questions will always be no one.  Miami had their big win on the season and Jay Cutler showed us why he was such a high draft pick all those years ago. But talent kind shine to bad in Buffalo you can’t see the shine throw snow fog. We have a feeling Cutler will not make it all the way through this game.

Bill’s were able to pull of a victory with “The Great” Nathan Peterman last week, with playoff hopes still looming Tyrod Taylor will return to the lineup.  Kelvin Benjamin is questionable but with the weather being the way it is in Buffalo we see another huge day from the human snow play LeSean McCoy.  Shading loves the snow and will show it Sunday.  With the talent of McCoy and the speed of Taylor I think the Bills end the Dolphins playoff hopes.

PicksBills -3

New England Patriots -3 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, Over/Under 54

The game of the week is taking place at Heinz Field. Patriots and Steelers will play for AFC dominance on Sunday.  When you have two future Hall of Fame QB’s on the field you know you are in for a treat.

New England is coming off an embarrassing loss to the Miami Dolphins.  History will tell you that this Patriots team will use that loss to inspire them….let’s not forget Rob Gronkowski will be returning from his one game suspension.  Tom Brady has thrown an outstanding 22 touchdowns and 0 interceptions the last 7 games played against the Pittsburgh Steelers….again don’t forget Rob Gronkowski is back!   Clearly Brady gets into a zone when he plays the Steelers, but its not the Patriots offense that we are worried about.

The Steelers head into Sunday with a lot of momentum.  Defeating your arch rival in a game that pretty much locked up the division can really get the blood pumping, if they take that energy into Sunday’s matchup we could see a statement made in front of our eyes.  Bill Belichick is well known for taking away a teams best weapon, we imagine the plan will be to match Antonio Brown with Malcom Butler as well as provide safety help. All other resources will go to LeVeon Bell..did anyone see what Kenyon Drake was able to do to the Patriots defense?  This game will most likely determine home field advantage for the AFC playoffs, we just don’t think New England has the plan to hold down a runningback with Bell’s ability.  Steelers should run wild on Sunday and with them getting three points this is an obvious choice. By the way Gronk is back!

PicksSteelers +3

James’s “Why Not” Pick of the Week. Record: 4-3: Packers will make the Playoffs.

The Oakland Raiders decided to take a day off last week and cost me another “Why Not” pick of the week.  For this weeks pick I am going with an old favorite, the Green Bay Packers head into Carolina on Sunday in a game that has huge NFC playoff implications.  The Packers will be getting back that guy who is in all the State Farm commercials as well.  This seems like a tough matchup for the Packers but  the Carolina secondary over the last four weeks has been kind of weak.  Packers are +4 right now, but they will pull this out.

Why Not pick of the week: Green Bay Packers +3

Good luck on your bets this week and remember if you aren’t down a paycheck you can still bet.

Weekly Picks December 6 2017: Eli’s Revenge

A clean sweep of the Thank giving day games as well as my “Why Not”pick of the week made our last picks extremely profitable.  We are planning to let it ride this weekend.  With the college bowl games on hold we bring you our strictly NFL picks this week. Matt Boeding and I have increased our record to an impressive 21-12-1, we may not always be right, but we have been very right lately.

 *all spread from sportsbook.com


New York Jets -1.5 at Denver Broncos , over/under 41.5

The Jets will head to Mile High to play the Denver Broncos being a favorite for the first time on the road since a disappointing performance week ten against the Bucs.  That game did not go well, Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles said it best, “We did not show up today”.  The disappointment of that game could very well be what ends up costing the Jets a shot at the playoffs.

Jets QB Josh McCown comes in riding a hot streak, two games in a row with no turnovers and 300+ yards passing, the developing chemistry with Robby Anderson has created a serious arial threat. A once imposing Denver defense will have a tall task to shut down McCown and the Jets three headed RB committee.

Denver’s defense will welcome back Aqib Talib from suspension which will help to slow down the Jet’s offense. defense will do its best to keep the Broncos in the game but can Trevor Siemian throw the ball to his own receivers? We have no faith right now in the flip a coin to start a QB system.

PicksJets -1.5

Seattle Seahawks at Jacksonville Jaguars, over/under 40

Russell Wilson is the current MVP favorite…Calais Campbell could be the defensive player of the year…can SACKsonville contain Wilson?  For Jacksonville this game is about credibility, are they a true contender for the playoffs…For Seattle this is about are they a real contender for the Superbowl.

This game screams trap for the Seahawks as they come off a huge victory of the NFC leading Eagles and look forward to what could be a game that determines the NFC West next week against the upstart Rams. Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson will have to keep their team focused as they cannot look past a Jacksonville team that is young and hungry to make a statement.  We like Russell’s chances against the great Blake Bortles.

PicksSeahawks +2.5

Dallas Cowboys -4.5 at New York Giants , Over/Under 41.5

I know…I know for the last three weeks we have picked against the Giants and basically called them the biggest jokes in the NFL, but we don’t buy the Cowboys either.  The Redskins did everything they possibly could to hand Dallas the game in Week 13.

The culture change happening in New York is going to be a factor as the New York fans will be able to show Eli Manning the proper respect management didn’t. While the fans welcome Eli back, Eli will welcome back the last receive standing Sterling Shepard.  With Shepard and Evan Engram, Manning will have a solid 1-2 punch to keep the Cowboys guessing.   The Cowboys won’t be handed this one.

PicksGiants +4.5

James’s “Why Not” Pick of the Week. Record: 4-2: “Marcus Peters, you will be missed”.

For my “Why Not” pick of the week I am going to pick a game with major playoff implications.  The Oakland Raiders head into Arrowhead on Sunday for a meeting with the free falling Kansas City Chiefs.

Alex Smith showed signs of life against the Jets in Week 13 but this team has lost its identity.  Rookie RB Kareem Hunt has not reached over 100 yards or found the end zone in the last 5 games.  An Andy Reid offense without a strong running game is not a true “Andy Reid” offense.

The Raiders won’t have Amari Cooper…oh well.  Marshawn Lynch is hot, Crabtree is back from suspension.  Derek Carr has lit the Chiefs up once already this season and that was with shut down corner Marcus Peters on the field, he won’t be there Sunday.  Being at home the Chiefs should be favored but this is Oakland’s game to win.

Why Not pick of the week: Oakland Raiders +4

Good luck on your bets this week and remember if you aren’t down a paycheck you can still bet.

Please free Jah! Top 3 Destinations

2015 National Champion, First Team All- American, ACC Player of the Year, 3rd Overall NBA Draft Pick, All Rookie-First Team.  On accolades alone, it hints at a player that should be able to find minutes in the NBA. Unfortunately, the Philadelphia 76ers disagree.  Jahlil Okafor entered the 2018 season understanding the idea that his minutes would be cut down…but no one could have imagined how drastically. As the Sixers prepare for their 24th game of the season,  the former Duke star has only competed in two games.  Sixers management also informed Okafor that they would not pick up his 4th year option. A team that has finally found direction, has in turn, changed the direction of Okafor’s career. There is a place for a 21-year-old post player, even in today’s NBA landscape.

Option 1: Chicago Bulls

As a Chicago High School phenom, Jahlil Okafor would be a perfect fit if the Sixers sent him back home. The Bulls currently have the worst PPG in the paint in the entire league, while also sporting one of the worst rosters in the league.  Okafor would fit in nicely with the Bulls one shining light, stretch four and rookie Lauri Markkanen.  Markkanen and PG Kris Dunn are likely the only untouchables on the roster, lending the Sixers the ability to have their “pick of the litter”.  While the Bulls are looking at a long rebuild ahead they could really use a “face of the franchise” type guy. Okafor has that potential…oh, and a top 3 draft pick wont hurt either.

Option 2: Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota is a bit farfetched with a coach like Tom Thibodeau. Tommy T is known to display a short fuse with players that seem to have a problem playing defense.  That being said, Thibodeau is a defensive mastermind that could potentially find a way to utilize Okafor’s length.

Karl Anthony-Towns’ face up game would match well with Okafor on the weak side as an offensive rebounder. Coming off the bench, Okafor would provide scoring potential in the middle, opening up the 3-point line for veteran sharp-shooter Jamal Crawford.  Oh, don’t forget about the potential of reuniting him with his old Blue Devil buddy Tyus Jones.  Jones and Okafor have a shared NCAA National Title. Could they bring similar success to a playoff hungry city?

Option 3: Boston Celtics

The Celtics are built around young talent, but after the devastating injury to Gordon Hayward they lack a consistent second scoring option.  Rookie Jayson Tatum has emerged earlier than expected, while veteran Al Horford continues to be a strong force in the middle. The addition of a post scorer with the ability to put the ball in the basket on every touch can be an asset for a team with serious championship thoughts.

Brad Stevens has found a way to get the most out of every player on his roster. Utilizing the strengths of a player like Okafor would be a coaches dream with that young roster.  It would be fun to see Okafor in a game that has some meaning.  The Celtics still have movable assets , but at this point in the season this one could be a long shot.


The Sixers will most likely just wait for Okafor’s contract to expire. At 21-years-old he still has plenty of time to take his career in the right direction.  It is just a shame he has to waste a prime developing year with an organization that has been so openly disrespectful to him. Keep doing the right thing Jah. You will be set free.

Championship Weekend Predictions

Championship weekend is here in college football.  Teams will be playing what will amount to quarterfinals in the college football playoff, while other teams fight to claim  their conference titles. Myself, Matt Boeding and Andrew Rogers have put our heads together in an intense debate about the winners and losers of this weekend.  While there may be some teams that come out losers, college football fans are no doubt the real winners this weekend.  Check out our predictions and let us know what you think!

Pac 12 Championship: Standford vs. USC

I think most would be surprised to hear that the USC Trojans have never won the Pac 12 Championship game.  This could be the year. USC is coming off a bye week while Stanford was victorious over a very tough Notre Dame team.  Stanford star running back Bryce Love is nursing a sore ankle but should be good to go for the Cardinal on Friday.  This game takes place on Friday night which will give Stanford one less day to heal –  could be a factor in a game between two teams that know each other well.  This will be a game that features two of the nations most efficient offenses.  The Pac 12 is the least likely of the power five conferences to notch a team in the Playoff, but this should still be a fun game to start the championship weekend.

PicksMatt Boeding: USC            James Caldwell: USC

AAC Championship: Memphis vs. University of Central Florida (UCF)

No doubt the most underrated game on the conference championship schedule.  Memphis and UCF play on Saturday for a chance to potentially make it to a new-years-six bowl game.  UCF is looking to complete a perfect season, but Memphis mounts an interesting challenge.  UCF is dealing with the potential loss of Head Coach Scott Frost – will this factor into the teams focus?  These two teams are scoring at a ridiculous rate, which to me, will show on Saturday.  The key matchup will be Memphis QB Riley Ferguson (possibly the best QB in the nation no one is talking about) against UCF speed LB Shaquem Griffin.  That matchup could determine the final score.

Picks Matt Boeding: UCF       James Caldwell: Memphis

MAC Championship: Akron vs. Toledo

I am not wasting much time on this one, Toledo (10-2) taking on Akron (7-5).  Logan Woodside of Toledo is a stud.  Watch just for him.  Otherwise just take a break and watch college basketball or make a beer run.

PicksMatt Boeding: Toledo     James Caldwell: Toledo

Big 12 Championship: TCU vs. Oklahoma

Baker Mayfield has a chance to make yet another huge statement in the Heisman race with this game.  The TCU defense is as real as it comes in college football. The Horned Frogs are most likely out of the conversation for CFP so most of the pressure on this game will be on the Sooners.  While most will be paying attention to Baker Mayfield, don’t look past TCU QB Kenny Hill. He is one of the best QB’s in the nation on 3rd down.  Hill’s ability to convert on 3rd downs has a chance to keep Baker off the field.  This one will be intense with a lot on the line…especially for Oklahoma.

PicksMatt Boeding: Oklahoma    James Caldwell: Oklahoma

SEC Championship: Georgia vs. Auburn

Your Co-Main Event of the evening.  The ultimate play-in-game is going down in Atlanta.  The SEC championship game will no doubt be one of the most anticipated games of the weekend.  It is almost unthinkable to have an SEC Championship and not be talking about Alabama, but hell has frozen over.  Auburn has serious issues right now as RB Kerryon Johnson is listed as day-to-day with a shoulder injury.  His performance alone nearly carried the Tigers to victory in their first matchup with the Bulldogs.  Georgia has been given second life to make the playoff.  They will need Freshman QB Jake Fromm to make some plays as Auburn will surely look to stack the box against the monster that is the Georgia run game.  Win and you’re in.

PicksMatt Boeding: Georgia    James Caldwell: Auburn

ACC Championship: Miami vs. Clemson

Miami was a sweetheart of college football for most of the 2017 season.  Fans were excited about the possibility of the “U” coming back to prominence.  Pittsburgh pretty much ended those aspirations, exposing a Miami team that seems limited on offense. Facts are though, a victory over defending ACC Champion Clemson and the Hurricanes can earn a spot in the final four.  Malik Rozier will have to show more then just grit against a legit Clemson defense which features a legit run-stopper in Junior Christian Wilkins. Repetitive, I know…but win and you’re in.

PicksMatt Boeding: Clemson     James Caldwell: Clemson

Big Ten Championship: Ohio State vs. Wisconsin

Alabama’s loss has cracked the door for the Buckeyes.  However, Wisconsin will try to shut that door Saturday night.  Badger’s RB Jonathon Taylor will play the biggest role in the contest.  If Wisconsin can control the tempo with the run game and wear down the Ohio State defense, they have a chance. Wisconsin remembers the 59-0 drubbing at the hands of Ohio State in 2014, no doubt helping fuel this clash.  If Ohio State can stop the run does anyone believe in Alex Hornibrook? Suppose we will find out

PicksMatt Boeding: Wisconsin    James Caldwell: Ohio State

Other Championships:

PicksConference USA: Florida Atlantic

PicksMountain West: Boise State