Weekly Picks: Dec 15 2017 Packers are making the playoffs.

For all that follow our weekly picks we submit our apology for a 0-4 record last week.  But as a week goes by, our confidence rises.  While you get set for bowl games, we get set for an awesome slate of NFL games.  After last weeks disappointment our record moves to 21-16-1.  This week we get back on track.

 *all spread from sportsbook.com


Alanta Falcons -6 at Tampa Bay Bucs , over/under 49

Games between division rivals can be tough to predict at times.  This one is the opposite. The Atlanta Falcons are flying high after a huge Thursday night victory over the Saints.  They also have what can be considered a mini buy as their upcoming matchup with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will take place on Monday Night.

Tampa Bay will be playing for pride, they enter this game as one of the most disappointing teams in all of football.  The Bucs have be average to below average offensively this season and have been prone to the big play….the potential loss of team leader and best play Gerald McCoy is not going to help.  He is currently listed as questionable, if McCoy is out Matt Ryan with flourish.

The Falcons statistically have every advantage in this game.  The Bucs only chance is they are playing at home.  The Falcons handled the Bucs in the first matchup and should do so again in this one.  We see a win by multiple touchdowns

PicksFalcons -6

Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills -3, over/under 39

Who’s ready to jump on the Smokin Jay bandwagon to the playoffs!? No one…the answer to that question is no one.  The answer to that questions will always be no one.  Miami had their big win on the season and Jay Cutler showed us why he was such a high draft pick all those years ago. But talent kind shine to bad in Buffalo you can’t see the shine throw snow fog. We have a feeling Cutler will not make it all the way through this game.

Bill’s were able to pull of a victory with “The Great” Nathan Peterman last week, with playoff hopes still looming Tyrod Taylor will return to the lineup.  Kelvin Benjamin is questionable but with the weather being the way it is in Buffalo we see another huge day from the human snow play LeSean McCoy.  Shading loves the snow and will show it Sunday.  With the talent of McCoy and the speed of Taylor I think the Bills end the Dolphins playoff hopes.

PicksBills -3

New England Patriots -3 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, Over/Under 54

The game of the week is taking place at Heinz Field. Patriots and Steelers will play for AFC dominance on Sunday.  When you have two future Hall of Fame QB’s on the field you know you are in for a treat.

New England is coming off an embarrassing loss to the Miami Dolphins.  History will tell you that this Patriots team will use that loss to inspire them….let’s not forget Rob Gronkowski will be returning from his one game suspension.  Tom Brady has thrown an outstanding 22 touchdowns and 0 interceptions the last 7 games played against the Pittsburgh Steelers….again don’t forget Rob Gronkowski is back!   Clearly Brady gets into a zone when he plays the Steelers, but its not the Patriots offense that we are worried about.

The Steelers head into Sunday with a lot of momentum.  Defeating your arch rival in a game that pretty much locked up the division can really get the blood pumping, if they take that energy into Sunday’s matchup we could see a statement made in front of our eyes.  Bill Belichick is well known for taking away a teams best weapon, we imagine the plan will be to match Antonio Brown with Malcom Butler as well as provide safety help. All other resources will go to LeVeon Bell..did anyone see what Kenyon Drake was able to do to the Patriots defense?  This game will most likely determine home field advantage for the AFC playoffs, we just don’t think New England has the plan to hold down a runningback with Bell’s ability.  Steelers should run wild on Sunday and with them getting three points this is an obvious choice. By the way Gronk is back!

PicksSteelers +3

James’s “Why Not” Pick of the Week. Record: 4-3: Packers will make the Playoffs.

The Oakland Raiders decided to take a day off last week and cost me another “Why Not” pick of the week.  For this weeks pick I am going with an old favorite, the Green Bay Packers head into Carolina on Sunday in a game that has huge NFC playoff implications.  The Packers will be getting back that guy who is in all the State Farm commercials as well.  This seems like a tough matchup for the Packers but  the Carolina secondary over the last four weeks has been kind of weak.  Packers are +4 right now, but they will pull this out.

Why Not pick of the week: Green Bay Packers +3

Good luck on your bets this week and remember if you aren’t down a paycheck you can still bet.

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