What I learned from Week 16.

Week 16 of the NFL Season is over and we are beginning to have a better look at what the playoffs are going to bring.  While their is tons of takeaways, three things stood out to me.

Todd Gurley is the MVP.

The NFL is no doubt a quarterback league. The chances of anyone but a QB winning MVP seems laughable at times, but its time to wake up.  We are in the age of the dynamic runningback.  Le’Veon Bell, Kareem Hunt, and David Johnson are just a few of the high caliber runningbacks that are beginning to take over the league, but the best is unquestionably Todd Gurley.

In just his 3rd season in the NFL Todd Gurley has positioned himself as the best in the game.  Sunday in Tennessee he put up numbers that you can barely achieve while playing Madden on rookie level.  The arguments against Gurley are legitimate, “Sean McVay is a brilliant offensive mind”, “Goff has made big strides to open up the running lanes”…bla, bla, bla.  Todd Gurley has been the difference in nearly every game this season and has been the driving force of this offense.  Why is it the quarterback that can open the lanes for the runningback and not the other way around.  Gurley will enter Week 17 with over 2,000 all purpose yards and 19 touchdowns.  He his who you have to game plan for, he is the the unstoppable force.  While we know most likely Tom Brady will take home another MVP, it is time to open our eyes to the talent that is Todd Gurley.

Just ask Jeff Fischer how good Gurley is and I am sure he will take credit for his great season and accept the MVP award for him.

The Eagles are screwed.

The Philadelphia Eagles are the #1 seed in the NFC playoffs, thats great. Nick Foles made his second start of the season last night for the injured Carson Wentz.  Eagles fans hoped to see the same Foles that torched the Giants defense for 4 TDs.  Sadly what they saw was the Nick Foles that I thought we would see.  While Foles has ability his lack of progression with the first team offense was very alarming. Every time the Eagles needed a play they got the Jeff Fischer St. Louis Foles and that is not a Foles that can win in the playoffs.

The Eagles Defense stepped up for the concerning offense but as the pressure and the Quarterback talent gets better I worry that this Eagles secondary cannot hold up.  Over the last two weeks we have seen and alarming amount of big plays down field.  Eventually the secondary will have to cover, if the Eagles can’t get a pass rush they are doomed.

The Eagles have the first seed, maybe they can get through one game but I see an early exit coming.  If they loose at home it could get ugly.

Jimmy G is awesome

Bill Belichick knows how good Jimmy Garoppolo is.  Now the entire world is starting to see how good he is. On Sunday the 49ers put up 44 points against arguably the best defense in football.  He has not only put up solid numbers but you can see the effect he has on a team that at one point in the season was 1-10.

Not only is Garoppolo talented but he has great management and coaching behind him.  The 49ers still have some work to do improving a very weak roster, but it’s pretty nice to know that they have the Quarterback of the future.  If John Lynch is as smart as I think he is he will not hesitate to throw all the money he can at Garoppolo.  A year from now a second round pick for this guy is going to be a pretty funny joke.


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