2017 First Half ALL-Frustration Team

As we enter week 8 of the fantasy football season, fantasy leagues are beginning to separate themselves as the top dogs in there leagues.  On the other hand some owners still lost in the shuffle of what they need to do to make that last ditch effort.  We at “I Talk Sports and That’s It” are excited to announce our first ever All- Frustration Team.  These are the players you know you can’t pull from your lineup but they continue to let you down.  You can’t drop these guys because your know as soon as you do they will turn it around.  Congratulations to these men for making owners around the world scream cuss words at your TV as if that would help.

 Quarterback: Matt Ryan (Honorable Mention: Marcus Mariota)

At the beginning of your draft If I told you that Trevor Siemain, Jacoby Brissett and Josh McCown had more fantasy points then Matt Ryan through week 8 I am pretty sure you would laugh at me.  Ok so Ryan has has a buy week and a few injuries to receivers but excused are like buttholes… you know the rest.  Week after week we think he is going to break out and have a big game. Week after week we are let down.  But sitting out the MVP just isn’t something a fantasy owner can live with.  Ryan still has time to turn it around in a division that has some extremely poor defenses but as for now he is our man at the helm of this hair pulling squad.

Runningback: Jay Ajayi (Honorable Mention: Adrian Peterson)

Ajayi beats out the future Hall of Famer because he has had the carries.  Going into your draft the question was whether or not you draft Ajayi in the first round or not.  Well if you did I feel your pain.  Problem with Ajayi is that we have seen what he can do it if gets going.  Last season I really enjoyed having him on my bench for his first 200 yard game of the year. With a Dolphins passing attack that features “studs” like Jay Cutler and Matt Moore as your QB we would assume that it would be a run heavy attack, but no it really has not worked.  Did I mention he has as many touchdowns as I do this season?  Congrats Jay you cost us all a top 20 pick.

Wide Receiver: Terrelle Pryor Sr (Honorable Mention: Sammy Watkins)

Terrelle Pryor Sr. is going to have a breakout year. He gives Kirk Cousins a real weapon on the outside. You better draft him early.  That’s what we all thought going into the season.  Pryor Sr. looked like a star in the making while in the cesspool that is the Cleveland Browns organization.  All he needed was a consistent Quarterback that can get him the ball and he will go to the next level.  Well that turned out to be false.  Getting draft mostly in the 3rd or 4th round as a number1 or high2 receiver it is hard to accept taking him out of the lineup. It’s hard to believe that Chris Thompson and Josh Doctson are going to continue to get all the throws so we are going to continue to start Pryor.

Tightend: Coby Fleener (Honorable Mention: Austin Hooper)

Tightend was a tough position to pick this year.  At times we wanted to give this distinction to Jimmy Graham but his recent relevance has sadly cost him this distinction.  I am excited to announce our all frustration tightend is Saints Coby Fleener. Saints constantly throw the ball but where have you been Coby?? Fleener was able to catch a touchdown two straight weeks to start the season so we all believe he can bounce back, so we start him.  Four weeks of under five points continues to deflate owners.  But you can’t let him go because he is just waiting to make you regret it. Thanks for the two weeks of success Coby.

There you have it.  The first ever “I Talk Sports and That’s It” All-Frustration team.  These guys cause more excess drinking on a Sunday then a Monday holiday.

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