Stop Complaining

My senior year at Missouri State University I needed an internship to graduate.  Being the sports fan that I was I targeted the Springfield Cardinals minor league baseball team.  I walked into the interview excited for the chance to work in sports.  The Cardinals GM sat down and the first thing he said to me was, “We don’t pay because we don’t have to.” A bit shook I laughed and just told him I was happy for the opportunity.

Sports is a privilege, sometimes I feel that professional athletes don’t understand that.  Recently we have had to endure the complaints of players like Martavis Bryant and Eric Bledsoe about why they don’t want to be somewhere.  They have used media platforms to make sure the world knows they are unhappy. While I understand the frustrations of losing and the frustration of losing your starting spot I don’t understand the acceptance of these antics. I applaud Suns GM Ryan McDonough telling Bledsoe to go home, for every complaining player there is one that will die on the field/court for you. While these players may not have the talent you possess they have the characteristics and maturity that we should all value.

9 time pro bowler Jason Peters injured his knee in the Monday Night game against the Redskins.  As he was being carted off the field his entire team came out to show support.  The ENTIRE team!  Peters was an undrafted Tight End that converted to a pro bowl lineman, he originally took a five thousand dollar signing bonus just to get a chance to make something of himself in the NFL.  He is the definition of what a pro athlete needs to be, he earned his way to where he is.

Next time a player wants to complain or say they want to be moved they should be forced to talk with Joe Thomas for a whole day about what it means to be a team player.

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