What I learned from week 2

Texans may not be very good.

Division matchups are always tough.  The Houston Texans were suppose to be the clear favorites of the AFC South due to the return of DeShaun Watson but things don’t work out how they should in the NFL.  Heading into Tennessee Houston’s dominant defensive line had to be licking the chops at the chance to go against the backup Blaine Gabbert and an injury riddled Titans offensive line.

This was a chance for Houston to make a statement in the division….but they lost.  The undermanned Titans were able to use trickery and game management to pull off the win.  Houston had its bright spots with the return of Will Fuller to the lineup going for 117 yards and a touchdown.  But in the end the Texans went to 0-2.  This will be a lose that can make a huge impact later on in the year.

The Browns will never change.

The Cleveland Browns were suppose to be on their way out of the cellar of the NFL.  An emerging defense, signing veterans Jarvis Landry, Carlos Hyde and Tyrod Taylor to go along with young stars like David Njoku and Antonio Callaway.  A coaching staff that consisted of Todd Haley and Greg Williams to mask the issues of Hue Jackson.

They had a chance to pull off two victories against New Orleans and Pittsburgh but the football gods refuse to allow them to take the next step in their development.  This team has improved but they have to get over the stigma of being losers.

I may be wrong about Patrick Mahomes.

Patrick Mahomes has been the talk of the NFL over the first two weeks.  Throwing for 10 touchdowns, defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers and Los Angeles Chargers. Two teams that most believed would be playoff bound coming into the season.  Mahomes has utilized the assets around him better then previous QB Alex Smith could have ever done.

Mahomes arm strength has allowed players like Sammy Watkins and Tyreke Hill to have freedom going down the field.  It has opened up the middle for Travis Kelce making this team a dangerous offensive force.

I believed that Mahomes was not ready to make an immediate impact, I figured that he would take some time to adjust to the speed of the NFL.  I was wrong.

The Jags are the real deal.

If I told you the Jaguars would bet the New England Patriots last season you would have to assume that it was the defense that controlled the game.  While they were good it was the play of Blake Bortles that carried the Jaguars to their first regular season win versus the big boys of the AFC the New England Patriots.

It’s time to stop looking at the Jaguars as an emerging team and realize that they are the class of the AFC.  They are no longer looking to just reach the playoffs, they are expected the reach the playoffs.



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