What I learned from Week 1.

Aaron Rodgers is the GOAT.

If you didn’t already believe Rodgers was the greatest of all time he finds a way to make you discuss it again.  Looking like he was dead in the water to a much improved Bears team, potentially to injured to return.  Aaron Rodgers pulled his best Willis Reed impression Sunday entering the game down 20-0 and inspiring a monumental comeback against hated rival the Chicago Bears. Rodgers threw for 286 YDS and three touchdowns while many questioned his potential return.

Bears coach Matt Nagy was having flashbacks of 2017 playoffs as he watched his team crumble blowing a lead in a early season division showdown . While Nagy can be blamed for playing conservative.  Was their really anything he could do when Rodgers came back into the game.  We watched him enter and we knew what was going to happen.  Hate him or love him Rodgers has cemented himself as the best currently playing the game.  Even the immortal Tom Brady has to see the greatness that is Aaron Rodgers,

The Chargers are the Chargers.

The Los Angeles Chargers have a stigma that may never leave them.  They are always considered the best team in their division pre-season, yet no one really expects them to win said division.  The Kansas City Chiefs continued their recent dominance over Phillip Rivers and the gang defeating them 38- 28.

The Chargers season did not start off very immaculate as Tyreke Hill immediately made an impact on special teams running back a first quarter punt.  The Chargers were playing from behind right away, a position they have all but come accustomed to in their recent history.  The gunslinger Phillip Rivers did his part in throwing for over 400 yards but as we have seen for what seems like an eternity Rivers can be great but come up short as they so often do.

This team still has the talent to win the division and be a contender, but they have to prove it to themselves first.   A history of coming up short is hard to overcome. Ask the Bills.

Jameis Winston is overrated.

Ryan Fitzpatrick showed us the potential that has been talked about with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the last few seasons.  With great offensive talent like Mike Evans, DeSean Jackson and OJ Howard the Buccaneers have been a sleeper pick of many to breakout the last few seasons.  On Sunday we saw what this team is capable of as they took down defending NFC South Champions the New Orleans Saints in convincing and dominating fashion.

Jameis Winston has all of the talent a star Quarterback in the league needs.  Mobility, athleticism, arm strength, but I have always questioned his ability to lead.  Talent can win games in sports, sometimes the best athlete is just to much for the opposing team to handle. But leadership wins championships. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t see Ryan Fitzpatrick taking this team to the Super Bowl especially in the stacked NFC.  I do see a team that seemed to play inspired football with a QB that they trusted.  I have said it before I think Winston is overrated and needs a change of scenery.  Maybe Sunday’s performance will show Buccaneers management that the time has come for Jameis to be moved.

Maybe the Cowboys are better with Dez?

This question may be a bit premature but the first game of the season did not go the way Jerry Jones had envisioned losing to the Carolina Panthers 16-8.  Dak Prescott was underwhelming to say the least throwing for just 170 YDS and 0 touchdowns.  The Panthers defense is no joke but it seemed as if the Cowboys never could find a rhythm.

I bring up Dez Bryant because this team seems to lack a real threat on the outside that can help to open up the dominate run game of Ezekiel Elliot.  While Bryant was not a star last year statistically, Bryant does bring reputation and prestige to the position.  A defense is forced to keep an I on him and potentially utilize a top defender to him.  Without that threat the Cowboys will have an issue moving the ball in 2018-19.

The Lions are bad.

Matt Patricia is cool.  He is not the cookie cutter mold that most coaches are.  He has his own style on the field.  But his team stinks.  They can’t play defense, they can’t play offense, they got owned on Monday Night at home against a rookie QB that actually threw a pick six on the very first play.

Mathew Stafford is good but he will never be great.  If Patricia is going to be successful he needs to abandon the ways of previous seasons. Take the ball out of Staffords hands, utilize the three runningbacks Bloung, Riddick and rookie Kerryon Johnson.  Establish the run and keep the horrid defense off the field.  This team has 5-11 written all over it.


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