Eagles: The New Dynasty?

The 2017 NFL season has come to an end with a surprising result.  The Philadelphia Eagles took down the perennial powerhouse New England Patriots 41-33 in the most offensive football game in NFL history.

The media circus around the New England Patriots focused on the potential inner turmoil created in the New England locker room.  While the Patriots are still the best franchise in over the last 15 years, they are beginning to show chinks in the armor.  The uncertainty of the future for Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady and even Bill Belichick has left the world looking for the new dynasty and they can look no further than the new world champions they Philadelphia Eagles.

Ironically the Eagles story of victory is as compelling as a young Patriots team in 2001 that made a change at Quarterback and overcame a powerhouse team.  Nick Foles was able to lead a stacked roster of talent to victory along with great coaching.  Foles most likely earned himself a chance to be a starter somewhere in the NFL to start the 2018 season.  Best bet would say that he is moved to the Arizona Cardinals for a mid-level pick.  The injury to Wentz allowed the Eagles to also get a look at Quarterback Nate Sudfield. His 83% completion percentage set a new NFL record for completion percentage for a quarterback making his NFL debut (minimum 20 attempts). The record was previously held by Sam Wyche, who completed 80 percent of his passes for the Cincinnati Bengals against the Houston Oilers in 1968.

The potential loss of  Nick  Foles  and the likely longtime multi- use runningback Darren Sproles. The Eagles should return multiple effective assets.  The Eagles will also get a full season with dynamic runningback Jay Ajayi alongside bruiser Legarrette Blount and their new version of Sproles, 3rd down back Cory Clement the Eagles will feature a trio of backs that second to very few in the NFL.  The Eagles made a great move in the offseason bringing in a real number one receiver in Alshon Jeffery which allowed Nelson Agholor to move to the slot where his skill set makes him the most effective.  The Eagles should look to add depth to in the secondary which gave up way to many big plays throughout the season.

Carson Wentz will return in 2018 and will have be a part of a championship team that will come out as the favorites in the NFC barring in crazy moves.  For the Eagles to make themselves the next great dynasty they will have to do what their Superbowl counterparts have been doing for the last decade, they have to win when its expected.  Their will be no sneaking up on teams in the 2018 season, each night they will get every teams best effort.  They are set with the best offensive line in the league and some of the most dynamic playmakers on both sides of the ball. They have the potential to dominate the NFC for the next ten years, should be fun to watch.

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