This is the Cavs

The Cleveland Cavaliers took a loss to the shorthanded San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday night dropping their 6th game of the last 7. Cavaliers Coach Tyronn Lue announced after the game that there will be lineup changes coming for the Cavaliers.  While Lue can change the lineup he cannot change the culture that’s been created.

Miami Heat Lebron James was hungry for a title, he was able to take his team to the level they needed to be on a nightly basis. James was able to bring veterans like Shane Battier and Mike Miller, guys that shared his hunger to win while keeping their mouth shut. They were “team” guys, accepting their minutes and playing their hardest when they got their chance.  The Cavaliers have brought in big personalities that can’t look past their personal goals.  Jeff Green, Derrick Rose and Isaiah Thomas are dynamic talents that will never work with Lebron James.  They are not the guys that can accept the reserve role, they are ball oriented players that care more about stat lines then team accomplishments.

The Cavaliers compounded their problems by not moving roles players like Tristan Thompson and to a degree Dwayne Wade back into the starting lineup.  These are players that thrive off of the little things.  Hustle plays like setting screens, making the extra pass and taking charges is what can make a difference for a team loaded with talent. Right now the Cavaliers spend more time pointing fingers then playing defense, they talk more about former teams then current.

The Cavaliers players are showing the same panic as management.  There is a desperation in every game, they know that Lebron can take his talents where he chooses at the end of the season.  The pressure to win now is so prevalent that anything less is unacceptable.  The Cavaliers will get by because they have the best player in the world on their roster, but when playoff time hits they have to figure out some type of chemistry.  For now though they are a dysfunctional family, everyone thinks its someone else’s fault. This is the Cavs in 2018.

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