Ezekiel Elliot isn’t the problem.

The Dallas Cowboys are now 5-6 after taking an embarrassing home loss to the Los Angeles Chargers on Thanksgiving day.  After three straight losses without their star RB Ezekiel Elliot the Cowboys now  are looking at a slim to none chance of making the playoffs.  The media and the fan base is quick to jump to the conclusion that the suspension of Elliot is the reason this team has regressed so much. What seems to be ignored is the lack of leadership from head coach Jason Garrett.

Since taking over the Cowboys Garrett has comprised a record of 63-49 in the regular season as well as a 1-2 record in the playoffs.  While he has won at the NFL level his development and progression as a coach has never materialized.  What we have seen since the suspension of Elliott is a Cowboy’s team that has no direction.  They have no confidence while on the field,  Dak Prescott is forcing throws and making decisions that he didn’t make in his historic rookie season.  Jason Garrett has not given them a game plan that can be successful for a young Quarterback.

Instead of a new game plan we continue to hear excuses.  “We have no Sean Lee, Tyron Smith is hurt we can’t run the ball without Ezekiel Elliot”.  Alfred Morris is currently averaging over 5 YPR during the last three games, Tyron Smith played on Thanksgiving, Sean Lee played against the Rams and the Packers which were both losses.  Eventually the excuses have to run out and a new game plan must be put together on the defensive end.  Jason Garrett has been given the talent to win in Dallas, he has been given 7 years and every resource he could possibly be  given but the wins still don’t come.  The old saying is that excuses are like assholes, we all have them and they all stink, no more time for excuses it’s time to find out what kind of coach Jason Garrett is.  Over he final five games we can find out if he is the future in Dallas or just a footnote in a historic franchises coaching history.

Stop talking about Ezekiel Elliot.  It is time to develop Dak.   Jason Garrett must prove he is a leader of men or Jerry needs to move on.

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