Good Job Astros

Lost in the madness of the NCAA tournament this weekend was the front office of the Houston Astros extending American League MVP, Jose Altuve to an astounding 7-year 163.5M deal.

Altuve, 27, has now been cemented as the cornerstone of a franchise that took home it’s first ever world series title in 2017.  The Astros continue to make moves that will make them a powerhouse in the American League for the next 5 years. Fans of Houston were subjected to abysmal baseball, during a during a 3 year stretch 2011-2013 the Astros would lose over 100 games before they were able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

As the team began to develop so did the 5 foot star in the making.  Altuve is more then just the numbers, he is the leader of a team with a young core and a bright future.  His extension will lock up not only a great player but a leader of the organization. This contract could very well change the way that baseball evaluates its talent. Veteran DH of the Detroit Tigers Victor Martinez, teammate of Altuve onVenezuelan national team,  commented on the signing. “I hope teams learn a lesson about evaluating players, It’s not how tall you are. It’s your talent. It’s your heart.”

Altuve’s statistics got him the money, his leadership got him the years.  This is a move for the future, it is a move that shows Houston’s commitment to winning.  The Astros head into 2018 to defending their title, their front office has already won.

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